Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 3, Number 1
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Publication Date: 12/20/2013
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Category: Theology
Journal of Moral Theology, Volume 3, Number 1
Edited by David M. Cloutier, William C. Mattison III

Book Description
Volume 3, Number 1, January 2014
Edited by David Cloutier and William C. Mattison III

Moral Reason, Person and Virtue: The Aristotelian-Thomistic Perspective in the Face of Current Challenges from Neurobiology
Martin Rhonheimer

The Desire for Happiness and the Virtues of the Will
Jean Porter

Elevating and Healing: Reflections on Summa Theologiae I-II q. 109, a. 2
John R. Bowlin

The Case for an Exemplarist Approach to Virtue in Catholic Moral Theology
Patrick M. Clark

After White Supremacy? The Viability of Virtue Ethics for Racial Justice
Maureen H. O'Connell

Ends and Virtues
Angela Knobel

Virtue, Action, and the Human Species
Charles R. Pinches

Progress in the Good: A Defense of the Thomistic Unity Thesis
Andrew Kim

Teresa of Avila's Liberative Humility
Lisa Fullam

Faith, Love, and Stoic Assent: Reconsidering Virtue in the Reformed Tradition
Elizabeth Agnew Cochran

Review Essay: The Resurgence of Virtue in Recent Moral Theology
David Cloutier and William C. Mattison III
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