Negotiating the Shadows
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Publication Date: 09/20/2010
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Category: Theology
Negotiating the Shadows
Daily Meditations for Lent
By Rachael A. Keefe

Book Description
This book invites the reader to experience Lent as a spiritual journey. It begins on Ash Wednesday with an invitation to engage with Christ, to have daily conversation with him, and to walk with him through the struggles and challenges of daily living. Each day offers a poetic, insightful meditation on Scripture verses that voice the human spirit's longing for the Holy Spirit. As the journey unfolds, the reader will experience the searing heat of the desert sun and the confusing shadows of the wilderness. The invitation to follow Christ, seek Christ, and be found by Christ leads the reader through the perils of the season with the promise of Easter morning.
Those familiar with biblical texts will be drawn in by the vivid images and relevant messages of the poems. Similarly, those for whom biblical texts are less well-known, will find intriguing and accessible images that might even prompt a desire to learn more. Lay people and clergy across denominations will find comfort and challenge in the familiar being made new should they accept the invitation to follow Christ into the desert and the wilderness contained within us all, and persevere until the journey ends in resurrection.
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