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Publication Date: 06/01/2012
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Category: Theology
A Theological Response to Christian Reconstructionism
By Paul C. McGlasson

Book Description
Sometimes theological ideas are good topics for ongoing debate. Other times, the community of faith needs to come to a decision: yes or no. Christian Reconstructionism offers the Christian church a basic approach to faith different from mainstream historic Christianity. Is their approach warranted? Or is it a fundamental distortion of the gospel? The present volume seeks to set out the case that Christian Reconstructionism is not a legitimate variation of Christian doctrine, but rather a serious misunderstanding of the gospel attested in Holy Scripture. First, an attempt is made to look at the basic ideas of Christian Reconstructionism. Rather than focusing on names and dates, the focus is on the set of ideas that characterize this view of Christianity. Second, a response is given to each of the main ideas. The response makes use of traditional Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox doctrine; but it is based primarily on careful exegesis of Scripture. The ultimate question is if Christian Reconstructionism is grounded in the Bible, or in a political ideology foreign to Scripture. An epilogue briefly points to a different way of seeing Christian involvement in contemporary, global society.
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