Offer Them Life
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Publication Date: 07/15/2013
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Category: Theology
Offer Them Life
A Life-Based Evangelistic Vision
By Dan W. Dunn

Book Description
In this book Dan Dunn proposes that the biblical theme of life is extremely important and thus provides a helpful foundation for the theory and practice of evangelism. He makes a strong case for Christ-followers to embrace a life-based evangelistic vision as a way to help non-believers choose the full and vibrant life that God intends for them in Jesus. While making this strong case, he also urges readers to avoid casting aside other evangelistic visions (such as those based on discipleship, the kingdom, forgiveness, atonement, etc.). Instead, he invites us to add a life-based evangelistic vision to the possibilities available to us for helping people choose to follow Jesus and thus experience the life He makes possible for them.
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