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Publication Date: 05/03/2007
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Introducing Free Enterprise and Business
By David W. Whitlock

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Christian Durant, a student at Leland University, worked his way through college at a local retailer, Stearns and Company. Though he studied history at Leland, he completed a minor in business and upon graduation moved into the management training program at Stearns and Company. Years later, serving as a store manager, Christian marries Leigh Whitfield and is approached by an old friend, Scott Pierce, with an opportunity to join him in a start-up manufacturing business. Christian and Leigh join their friends — Scott and his wife, Carol — as they learn more than they thought imaginable about starting and managing a business.

Then tragedy strikes. Scott is killed in a mysterious accident, the business suffers setbacks, and friendships are stressed to the point of breaking. Christian faces a crisis, professionally and personally, and seeks answers that lead him ultimately to a newfound faith and peace. Christian and Leigh weigh the possibilities of selling their interest in the business and starting over. Meanwhile, the investigation into the death of Scott Pierce uncovers surprises that no one expected . . .

'Opportunity' is a textbook introducing free enterprise and business principles in story form, complete with the suspense and intrigue of a novel. This "novel text" integrates a survey of business disciplines with a biblical worldview. In enlightening ways the book explores the integration of faith and ethics. As the story engages readers, it also teaches principles of free enterprise and business.

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