Power and Magic
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Publication Date: 12/17/2001
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Category: Biblical studies
Power and Magic
The Concept of Power in Ephesians
By Clinton Arnold

Book Description
“Power and Magic is one of those few books which literally cannot be ignored by any serious bible student. In fact, it makes the classical commentaries on Ephesians that I am familiar with virtually obsolete. Clinton Arnold has done us all a great favor by throwing vital new light on our understanding of what really motivated the Apostle Paul to write one of his most important epistles.”

Peter Wagner, Fuller Theological Seminary

“This scholarly book is a valuable contribution to understanding the spiritual world we live in. Clinton Arnold helps us to understand Paul's message to the early church and consequently to the church at the end of twentieth century.”

Neil Anderson, Freedom in Christ Ministries

“Power and Magic is one of the most helpful biblical teachings available on the subject. I know it will be helpful to any reader.”

John Wimber, Association of Vineyard Churches

“I consider Power and Magic to be one of the most valuable books in my library. Arnold's research into the world view held by the inhabitants of the Greco-Roman world focusing on spiritual power is outstanding. I continually recommend this book to pastors, missionaries, seminary professors, students, and thoughtful Christians in all my seminars worldwide on spiritual warfare.”

Ed Murphy

“I have found this book extremely enlightening and consistently biblical. Reading it is a definite must for those who wish to understand the biblical world view.”

Ed Silvoso, President, Harvest Evangelism