Praying with Mom
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Publication Date: 12/13/2012
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Category: Theology
Praying with Mom
The Journey of Tears, Love, and Spiritual Growth
By Michael Chung

Book Description
Everyone in this world must deal with loss. The hardest loss is losing those we love. There are not many books written about a son's love for his mother, but here in Praying With Mom, Michael Chung chronicles the journey of a son through the last years of his mother's life. Through prayer, tears, time, and love, this book is a "voyage of the soul" into how a son spent the last years with his mother and how his God brought him through it all. Many people have trouble with their faith when experiencing the trials of loss, and some even abandon it, being angry at God for not doing more. In Praying With Mom, the author discusses from his heart and soul how he dealt with the suffering of losing the love of his mother.
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