Rhythms of Revival
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Publication Date: 08/01/2011
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Category: Church history
Rhythms of Revival
The Spiritual Awakening of 1857 - 63
By Ian M. Randall

Book Description
Rhythms of Revival emphasises that 'there are times in the story of the Church that are notable' and invites us to consider the abiding lessons of one significant period of revival, in the mid-nineteenth century. This book does not offer a formula for revival, and there is a critique of undue concentration on the phenomena of revival. Ian Randall's distinct focus is the major dynamics of a single-period, international revival movement. The author draws on rich historical resources and offers some unique insights into revival
rhythms - the place of prayer, the role of pastors, the empowering of lay people, the impact on young people and children, the revitalizing of worship and the relationship of revival to social change.
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