Scripture Apps Made Easy
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Publication Date: 03/09/2012
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Scripture Apps Made Easy
Biblical Applications for Today's Tough Times
By Sid Burgess

Book Description
Today's technology offers thousands of applications—apps—to solve problems and to enhance lives. Whether it's making major financial decisions or planning a dinner menu—there's an app for that!

When it comes to dealing with life's inevitable difficulties, a pastoral visit and a prayer are helpful, but people of faith—and people in search of faith—need sacred assurance directly from God's Word. They need a Scripture app.

While many books reference Scriptures for use in tough times, this book includes the Scriptures in an easily accessible format. It also provides commentary based on the author's decades of pastoral care experience to help apply the ancient words to contemporary situations. Pastors, counselors, chaplains, anyone who cares for others, and all of us who need care, here are Scripture apps made easy!
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