Soaring With St. John
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Publication Date: 10/01/2013
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Category: Biblical studies
Soaring With St. John
Flight Paths of the Eagle / A Pedagogical Aid
By Eugene E. Lemcio

Book Description
Not a reference tool, this unique work is a teaching-learning guide to understanding the Fourth Gospel. The focus is on showing how rather than on telling. Thirty-five "Flight Paths," followed by leading questions and statements, help both faculty and students to see as well as read how the Evangelist plotted his itinerary: adopting, adapting, and arranging the texts (both biblical and extra-biblical) that constituted his horizon. Both visually and verbally, Lemcio demonstrates how, with the benefit of St. John's eagle eye, one might survey and "spy" the territory of the text. With this comes the knowledge of the only true God and Jesus whom he had sent—which is eternal life (17:3).
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