The Authentic Witness
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The Authentic Witness
Credibility and Authority
By C. Norman Kraus

Book Description
Traditional Protestant theology has long answered the question, "What is the true church?" by pointing to the visible church—its location, nature, and structure. The recent increase of interest in missions, however, has raised the issues of the church's role and identity—its mission in the world.

It is no longer enough to use orthodoxy as the criterion for the genuineness of the church, identifying the body of Christ by organization or clerical structure, perfection in lifestyle, or ecstatic experience of the Holy Spirit. Rather, says Norman Kraus, the mark of the true church is its authenticity—its ability to remain true to its original prototype in character and purpose.

Thus, the church's mission is to be the authentic community of witness to the world. The Christian community affirms each individual as a person in Christ, and its objective for the world is the same as for itself: it calls the world to peace in Christ. The church in mission, then, must be a sign to the world of the kingdom of God. As an authentic community, it is a healing community, characterized and organized around its mission of reconciling witness rather than creeds, various practices, or preaching. Following Christ as its model, its message is salvation and reconciliation.
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