The Church and Development in Africa
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Publication Date: 09/09/2011
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Series: African Christian Studies Series
Category: Theology
The Church and Development in Africa
Aid and Development from the Perspective of Catholic Social Ethics
By Stan Chu Ilo

Book Description
In this book Stan Ilo offers an integral theology of development and creatively lays the groundwork for Christian humanitarian and social ministry in Africa. Ilo proposes a vulnerable missional praxis through a social analysis informed by the gospel, which promises to enrich the ways Catholic and Christian charities worldwide carry out their humanitarian work and engage in aid and development initiatives in developing countries of Africa and among the poor in different parts of the world.

Ilo offers a comprehensive and systematic presentation of Catholic social ethics in relation to human rights, ecology, globalization, international cooperation, development and aid, human and cultural development, business ethics, social justice, and the challenges of poverty eradication.
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