The Glory of Kings
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Publication Date: 09/01/2011
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Category: Theology
The Glory of Kings
A Festschrift in Honor of James B. Jordan
Edited by Peter J. Leithart, John Barach

Book Description
Over the past several decades, Reformed theologian and biblical scholar James B. Jordan has produced a unique body of work. His electrifying commentaries and essays on Scripture, along with his penetrating writings on Trinitarian theology, liturgics, music, and culture have inspired a growing number of pastors and theologians. In this Festschrift, Jordan's friends and associates celebrate his contributions by applying his methods and insights to a range of biblical, theological, liturgical, and cultural questions. The Glory of Kings aims to bring Jordan's work to the attention of a wider audience and to introduce the work of a scholar that R. R. Reno has called "one of the most important Christian intellectuals of our day."
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