The Great Tradition—A Great Labor
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Publication Date: 05/06/2011
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Category: Theology
The Great Tradition—A Great Labor
Studies in Ancient-Future Faith
Edited by Philip E. Harrold, D. H. Williams

Book Description
At a recent conference entitled Ancient Wisdom—Anglican Futures, theologians from across the denominational spectrum considered the question, "What does it mean to inhabit the 'Great Tradition' authentically?" As an expression of what C. S. Lewis called "Deep Church," Anglicanism offers a test case of Tradition with a capital "T" in late modernity. Of particular interest is the highly dynamic transmission that has preserved a recognizable "Anglican Way" over the centuries. The process has been enlivened through constant negotiation and exchange with surprising convergences that have brought new life and direction. The contributors to this volume show how "profitable and commodious" (as Richard Hooker has said) the Great Tradition can be in nurturing the worship, communal life, and mission of the Church. But it often demonstrates how hard it is to uphold the varied integrities of historic faith in the contemporary marketplace of religion and, especially, among evangelicals who continue to follow the Canterbury Trail.

Contributors: Simon Chan, Tony Clark, Dominic Erdozain, Edith Humphrey, D. Stephen Long, George Sumner, and D. H. Williams.
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