The Hunger of the Heart: A Workbook
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ISBN 10: 1-59752-473-5
ISBN 13: 978-1-59752-473-5
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Publication Date: 12/01/2005
Street Date: 12/01/2005
Division: Wipf and Stock
Series: The Breath of Life Series
Category: Church resources
The Hunger of the Heart: A Workbook
A Call to Spiritual Growth: A Daily Workbook for Use in Groups
By Ron DelBene
Edited by Herb Montgomery, Mary Montgomery

Book Description
Do you feel that there should be something more to life than what you're experiencing? Do you wonder what you can do to make your relationship with God more satisfying?

In 'The Hunger of the Heart', Ron DelBene responds to these questions that are in the hearts of so many people today. In his well-known and well-loved style of sharing personal, real-life stories in his writing, the author issues a call to spiritual growth to all persons - regardless of where they are in their spiritual journeys.

DelBene describes fourteen stages of spiritual development, using the image of a tree's growth, rather than the typical "ladder" image for Christian growth. Based on the experiences of thousands of people he has met and counseled, these stage descriptions serve as guidelines for making sense of the yearnings, doubts, anger, and wonder that enter every Christian's life.
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