The Many Sides of Peace
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Publication Date: 03/05/2013
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Category: Theology
The Many Sides of Peace
Christian Nonviolence, the Contemplative Life, and Sustainable Living
By Brayton Shanley

Book Description
The Many Sides of Peace comes out of thirty years of living in a Catholic lay community, attempting to understand and practice the compelling ideas of gospel-centered nonviolent love. The book attempts to speak to the signs of these times for those who seek peace and liberation from both war and the looming ecological Armageddon. It is a faith based on the revelation of Jesus and the conviction that a love that is nonviolent will save this environmentally threatened planet and its warlike people from an "at risk" status to a more peaceful and sustainable one. This is a message of hope, a "how to live" spiritual manual for human/earth survival that can help create a bold and beautiful world.
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