The Spiritual Lives of Dying People
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Publication Date: 05/24/2013
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Category: Theology
The Spiritual Lives of Dying People
Testimonies of Hope and Courage
By Paul A. Scaglione, John M. Mulder

Book Description
How do people think about God as they look death squarely in the face? This is the central question in The Spiritual Lives of Dying People. Here are the stories of fifteen people who confront death in their own ways and who find spiritual strength in their faith. This is also the story of a remarkable and gifted priest, one who has made ministry with the chronically ill a special focus of his pastoral life and has guided people not only through their dying but also to God. In this book, readers will find the inspiring stories of people who found hope and courage in life so that they could meet death. Readers will also glean insights into how they might approach their own deaths or care for others who are in the midst of making the last journey of life. This is a book that illuminates how to answer one of life's most important questions: How shall I die?
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