Triumph of the Lamb
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Publication Date: 09/03/1998
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Category: Biblical studies
Triumph of the Lamb
A Self-Study Guide to the Book of Revelation
By Ted Grimsrud

Book Description
The book of Revelation is as current today as ever. It offers encouragement and guidance for faithful Christian living in the nuclear age. It does not speak only of a distant past or far-off future.

“Triumph of the Lamb”, a self-study guide to the book of Revelation, provides aid for understanding the then and now of the last book in the Bible.

Each section of the book contains study question, a brief explanation of the biblical passage, a discussion of the meaning for today, and penetrating questions for thought and discussion. The book is designed for the average person who would like to unlock the secrets of this strange and fascinating book of the Bible.

For those who wish to go deeper, a general introduction to Revelation is also provided. The book ends with a concluding discussion of significant theological and ethical questions, and a guide to further study.

Revelation is a difficult book to understand, but its author promises, “Blessed are those who read, hear, and keep the words contained in this book.” “Triumph of the Lamb” aims to contribute to that blessing.
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