Words Unspoken
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Publication Date: 07/01/2012
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Category: Theology
Words Unspoken
An Invitation to Christian Faith
By Peter Schmiechen

Book Description
This is a chance to explore the meaning of Christian faith for those in and outside of churches: adults who left the church in their youth, the many religious refugees pushed out by churches, as well as those in churches looking for serious reflection.

With short chapters written in conversational style, it refuses to dumb down the presentation or offer false promises. There are no tricks, no bait and switch. It simply gives an account of the good news for our time.

Christian faith is risky business. It requires that we consider the way the good news is subverted by religion itself and American culture. Most important, it means examining our own resistance to the message of Jesus. In the end, it involves a willingness to participate in a future marked by the unfolding glory of God.
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